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Duration : 1 Night, 1 Day

Duration : 1 Day, 1 Night

Duration : 1 Day, 1 Night

Duration : 1 Day , 1 Night

Duration : 1 Night , 1 Day

What customers say

Communication is the key to a well organised trek. Trek Leaders Leander and Jigar were absolute professionals. From sharing stories to a crash course in reading constellations and directions, they kept us busy throughout. Only negative was the delay in starting the trek.

Samin Kandoth

What customers say

I honestly, had a bitter sweet experience with Trek India. They are experienced trekkers with a knowledge that could very well classify them as experts. However, they do not function well as an organisation as they lack the management skills required for them to organise. From my experience, they could improve on their time-management, effective communication and people skills, the dearth of which came at the expense of what could have been a really enjoyable experience.

Clayton D'silva

What customers say

It was great experience with Trek India. Guidance from trek leaders are highly appreciated. I am looking for many more trips with this group. Thank you so much trek india..

Kumar Chandugade

What customers say

Trek to Kothaligad with Trek India was a superb experience!😎All the leaders were supportive and made this trek worth all the efforts😍

Khooshi Shah

What customers say

Had a great time trekking and camping at Prabalmachi! They had organized everything well!

Shivani Hadkar